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Some crops can be transplanted for 12 months but some can only be within certain months. Our sales staff have sufficient knowledge of these matters. However, for the purposes of our production planning, it is recommended that orders for production be given 6 months in advance.

The planting time of the banana plant is between March and May for our country. Climatic conditions usually determine this time. For greenhouse cultivation, September transplant yields good results.

Certified Young Plant Subsidy for Farmers

Based on the communique published by Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, certified seedling / certified young plant subsidy amounts are listed in the table below.

Subsidy Type Yellow Certificate
Blue Certificate
Cultivation with dwarf fruit seedlings 100 400
Cultivation with semi dwarf fruit seedlings 100 400
Cultivation with other fruit seedlings (except vineyards and pomegranate) 100 280

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