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Production of new tissue, plant and plant products out of plant parts such as cell, tissue or organ under sterile and controlled conditions and in an artificial medium.

Our Mission

» Supplying producers with (disease free) fertile rootstocks and young plants
» Preventing possible losses by producing rootstocks and young plants true to its name
» Providing unique and customized range of products for producers upon request
» Delivering large amount of orders in a short period of time

Our plant tissue culture production laboratory

Our plant tissue culture production laboratory has a very modern infrastructure as there are 20 sterilized cabin cutting rooms, 5 climatization rooms with 10 million plant capacity and research microscopes of various qualities.

Güney Agripark is the first research institution of its region in the area of activity.

Our tissue culture products are put under quality assurance with DNA analysis performed for the first time in Turkey and with certified young plants.


In 2014, our company, Kuzey Agripark, started to operate in the Technopolis of Akdeniz University in Antalya. In 2016, it became a new company under the name of Güney Agripark. In December 2017, it was moved to the new address in Antalya - Aksu - Pınarlı village in order to enlarge the production area. Thus, our tissue culture laboratory area reached an area of 2000 square meters up from 800, and our capacity reached 10.000.000 plants per year. We are continuing our 30-acre greenhouse construction so that the plants obtained from the tissue culture can be grown into seedlings / young plants. In addition, we have been taking advantage of modern greenhouse facilities of Grow Fide, our sister organization.


• In terms of human resources, we have a team of experienced engineers, technicians and workers.

• The R&D staff in our company has the necessary computer hardware and software programs necessary for all phases, from the planning of the work and to the evaluation of the results. All company employees have received and will receive the training necessary to use the relevant programs in their respective fields. At the same time, there is an experienced, young and dynamic group of researchers in the company that carry out tissue culture studies in different product groups.

• Areas where tissue culture is being used at our company;

   1) Producing healthy plant materials by using in vitro propagation method
   2) Plant breeding

Why do we use in vitro cultures at our company?

1) Year-round production regardless of the season.

2) The production or propagation frequency is very high. In a single season, it is possible to obtain millions of plant material from a smal amount ofl starting material.

3) The amount of production obtained from a unit of area is very high.

4) Due to clonal propagation, plants obtained are genetically and phenotypically homongeneous.

5) Plant materials obtained are healthy because they have been taken into culture in sterile (aseptic) conditions.

For this purpose, our company uses meristem tip culture. Because;
• The highest genetic stability is obtained through in vitro clonal multiplication.
• Viral, bacterial, and fungal pathogens can be removed from a donor plant which is contaminated with Meristem tip culture.
• This method is used in our company for the reproduction of some ornamental plants, especially some fruit rootstocks.

Plants we are working on

Our company has a team of R&D and cutting experts who have been working in tissue culture for many years. Our Laboratory Responsible Agricultural Engineer has been actively involved in tissue culture studies for 20 years. In our company, we have been working on micro-propagation of more than 160 product groups and some of them have been successful in mass production.


• Our company has the infrastructure that will carry out efforts of tissue culture. In this sense, the Tissue Culture Laboratory has autoclaves, pH meters, refrigerators, heated magnetic stirrers, sterile cabinets, microscopes

• At the same time, our company has very modern climate-conditioned growth chambers for the propagation and rooting of plants grown in tissue culture under ideal conditions. In the process of adapting the plants from the tissue culture to the external conditions, there are modern climate controlled greenhouse compartments found in the modern nurseries.

• Guney Agripark plant production laboratory has a very modern infrastructure and in our plant tissue culture production laboratory there are 6 climate rooms with an annual capacity of 10.000.000 plants and research microscopes of various qualities.


• Our company has knowledge and experience to overcome the technical difficulties that may be encountered in tissue culture works from the sterilization stage to the rooting stage. Our company also refers to the opinions and experiences of the faculty members of the Faculty of Agriculture at Akdeniz University as needed. Our company has R&D collaborations with various departments of Akdeniz University Agriculture Faculty.

• In this context, a patent application was made to the result of a KOSGEB project, which was completed together with the TÜBİTAK-TEYDEB projects, together with the academic members who consulted our company. Thanks to such R & D collaborations, our company has developed a method of extracting and cultivating the Stevia (sugar beet) plant in a company-specific way. Work on Stevia in our company continues, first and foremost the drying of material, to be about delivering the extracts to the purity to be used in different foods.

• In addition to the projects that have been successfully completed, our company currently has a pre-evaluation project in TÜBİTAK-TEYDEB.

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