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How can you order?

1. Through the web page
2. Through sales representatives
3. Through area dealers

Issues to be Considered When Ordering

1. Consider the date of cultivation of your product in relation to its type,
2. Make sure to have the dealer / intermediary / sales agent fill out the order form with the serial number titled "Guney Agripark Limited Company" by giving the requested information. Keep the 1st page as sealed and signed.
3. At the time of order, if you are required to make a deposit or an advance payment, make sure to request the payment receipt and print your order form number on this receipt.
4. Save your order form and payment receipt until the delivery of your order.

How the Delivery is Made?

At the delivery date (+/- 1 week) of your product you requested on your order form;

1. In person from Güney Agripark Limited Company production facility located in Pınarlı - Çamköy village,
2. From your Reseller or Commissioner,
3. From our contact offices, you may receive by presenting the following
a. Your order form and payment receipt, if any,
b. Your license or identity card

When Receiving Your Product

- Obtain the bill of lading
- The following which is specified on the bill of lading;

a. Number of boxes
b. Your product's type (written on the label on Box)
c. Be sure to check the amount and declare your receipt by signing the bill of lading. Keep this bill of lading and related documents until the end of the harvest season. In case of problems that may arise, this document and the information it contains will be taken as basis.

DAVUT KOÇ 0532 214 71 02

0533 408 93 89

0533 738 16 44
KADİR BUYURGAN 0530 729 45 34

0530 729 75 12

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